Himalayan Frequency Festival 2018 – it’s back!

Yes you heard right, the Himalayan Frequency Festival is back once again at Gurung Valley and it’s coming SOON!!!

WHEN – 28th-30th September 2018

WHERE – Gurung Valley Camp

Information taken from their Facebook Event Page;

Deep in the mountains of Nepal;combining- adventure; culture; nature with the tunes of music. Join us! for the second edition Himalayan frequency
🔈🔈🔈 4 SCENES 🔈🔈🔈

⚛⚛Main stage☮☮

☮☮☮With psy tune☮☮☮

Psy ninja(NP)
purple hexgon records
Chi Pou Ni( FR)
Kay sea(AUS)
Anti gadget(DE)
Kingdom Blasterz Records
Ahanjack (Iran)

☮☮☮ Beach chill out ☮☮☮

☮☮-Reggae & dub☮☮

vital(NP)-jungle invasion nepal
Miki bang bang(tuc sound spain)
Viny in dub(NP)
Toshihaki hatanaka(JPN)
(More line up to be annouced soon)

Mali invision decos

Sworup Bisural

▧▨▧▨▧RELAX ZONE▧▨▧▨
With massage; yoga and meditation

Slackline, kayak, hike, rafting

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ATTENTION VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We highly recommend bringing your own tent, which you can easily rent at kalapatther trekking shop(sathghumti, Thamel, Kathmandu). In-case you are changing place, kathmandu to pokhara or pokhara to kathmandu, to avoid difficulties we have shaded areas where you can lie down and chill, carrying a yoga mattress might be helpful.

! Just in case but very limited only 20 Personals !.

Our location has some tents and massive safari tents;
Per person with a blanket and mattress Rs. 2000-

It is highly recommended, to bring your own food and drinks; music would be active 24hrs, so we might not be able to give you desired food and drinks all those times. In case, during the day there are shops on walking distance where you can buy basic necessary groceriers.
We are more then happy to give you necessary iteams for preparing-feel free to ask us or even use our kitchen.

We have fresh drinking water, from the mountains. Please carry, some water purifying tablets, to be found easily on pharmacies around lakeside and thamel.

No ATMS until 50kms
carry your cash
calculate per day 50 Euros( 5000rs) depending upon your expenditure.


Strictly No garbage on the floor; there would be dustbins and container all over the location.You would be given a clean area, and we expect the same. Visitors violating, the rules would be considered completely disrespectful.
Whlle entering, You would be given a garbage bag and a disposable ashtrays which you can use to collect your garbages off. Just hand that garbage bags to the camp authorities before you leave.


One way Shuttle bus,
Only one way- Rs 1000
Meeting point – Sept 28th/ 11 am at Jamrock roof top reggae bar.

Other means of transport
Music starts at 7pm on Friday 28th, and ends at 11 am on 30th.
In case you want to join us yourself- important is try avoiding night times.

Simply, Take a tourist bus- or/otherwise/unfortunately something happens, In kathmandu go to Kalanki take any bus that leaves to–pokhara/chitwan/baglung/ or any location west or east- ask the bus staff, make sure it stops at Chumlingtar bazaar( at the big wired bridge). After you come out, ask the local people about- GRG adventure kayak it’s inside the forest walk around 20-30 minutes. Try avoiding night times if its night dont forget your torch.

further Infos on how to get there are available online

If you want a private car dont -take a taxi please contact us before hand.
Meeting point

In Kathmandu Jamrock roof top reggaebar (previously called Shamrock roof top cinema and Irish pub (paknajol marg, Kathmandu)

In pokhara Buzz reggae bar( lakeside pokhara) only to meet them at the day before festival.

Alternative stage and camp fire site is possible whole the night. You can jam around the fire, and bring your own musical instruments to jam and chill around whole night.
Psy stage

Fri 19:00HRS-23:00Hrs
Sat 19:00HRS-2:00HRS
SUN : 5:00HRS-12:00HRS

Music starts Fri 7pm (28th sept ) Stops Sun 11 am(30th) sept.
Just Entry without any cost included
First edition of tickets(50 euros, \5000 Nepali rupess) till sept 1
Second edition of tickets(85 euros, 8500 Nepali rupees) after sept 1
Online tickets available from PayPal payment to be made to
( please do send us your payment receipt


some few FAQS
1. Can we go to the venue for camping before the festival starts?
–After you purchase your tickets you are more then welcome to go camping there with your friends. Its a amazing rafting camp so most of the staff would speak english and explain you all about the environment.

2. what about the garbages?
We try to make it clean as much as possible but most of you would be given a garbage bags before entering the venue and a disposable ashtrays. So, please collect your garbage and leave it on to camp organizers before you leave the festival.

3. Is there any wifi accebility?
There is no wifi near the area but some phone datas might work.

4. Where is the next coffee shop?
every morning coffee would be served at the stalls.

5. Would there be vegen food around?
Nepali food are mostly vegen so you would definatley get food that are special for you.

6. Is there a shuttel bus back?
We are not providing shuttel bus back, you can definatley choose where you go after the festival,there is a bus station nearby.

come feel the vibe…

Himalayan Frequency Music Festival

Music festival Nepal

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the Himalayan Frequency Music Festival Nepal at our camp this month.

The event will be on the 13-15th October 2017 and offers a 2 night music festival full of music, crafts, camping, astronomy, nature, positive vibes and rafting!

Information about the event (taken from their official Facebook Page)

Line Up;

Aruake (BRAZIL)
Aghorkriya (NP)
Posicidz Mali (NP)
Vibe 909 records (NP)
Freak Mode (NP)
Schlabadduerst / 2to6 Records
Alan-live (FR)
Freky (NP)
Myke (NP, Prakriti shakti Nepal)
Youdie (JPN)
Rips (NP)
Sahil (NP, Prakriti shakti Nepal)

Active: September 1st( including 3 times food and accommodation)
Third release: 8500npr – 85€

At the gate: 9000npr – 90€( Including food & accommodation)

– One day pass from the Saturday for one night is: 3000npr –

Payment is to be made to:


Please mention your name and the release you purchased
Please choose euro as the currency, unless entering at the gate.

Physical tickets are available in Thamel, Kathmandu at Shamrock Irish Pub & roof top cinema


Is there a shuttle bus?
There would be shuttle bus from the Shamrock Roof top bar, Paknajol Marg, Thamel.
On the Friday October 13 @ 12 am in the morning.
Shuttle bus cost 1000 rs one way.

Can we come by ourselves?
All the info on how to get by yourself is available can be found here

Are the tickets inclusive with breakfast lunch and dinner?
Yes its all inclusive with the price.

Can you bring your own food and drinks?
Please feel free to bring your own food and drinks, but no pollution.

Where can you get the local info for the party in case you don’t meet the volunteers and organizer?
Staying in Kathmandu we recommend Hostel 196 at Paknajol Marg and then you can ask the working guys there for more info.

Want to come? BOOK NOW

Butterflies in Nepal

Butterflies in Nepal

Butterflies, or ‘Putali’ as they are locally known are in abundance in Nepal. And here at Gurung Valley, we are seriously blessed with the amount of Butterflies that we have buzzing around our camp. We’ve so far counted over 50 different species at our camp alone, and I think we’ve barely scratched the surface. Due to the diversity of Nepal, with the alpine mountains, lush valleys and tropical Terai region, there are over 651 different varieties recorded in Nepal (which is 10 times the amount recorded in England which is around the same size) and thats 3.72% of the worlds butterflies.

We’ve been using wikipedias extensive list to identify the ones that we have found at Gurung Valley. And are considering renaming to Butterfly Valley because of the amount we have found!

For the avid butterfly watcher, the best seasons for butterfly watching in Nepal are late March/April, mid May/mid June and late August/September during the monsoon months. If you are lucky you will catch glimpses of Great Orange Tips, Oakblues, Purple Sapphire Circles or common Brimstones.

Nepal’s butterflies belong to five different families: the whites, blues, swallowtails, skippers and nymphalids (or brushy-footed butterflies). They are different from moths in that they have clubbed antennae whereas moths have pointed or feathered antennae. Butterflies are usually more colourful and mostly fly during the day, although a few are crepuscular: they fly at dawn or dusk. Moths are often more hairy and mostly fly at night.

Our camp offers a perfect environment for butterflies as they tend to like more tropical climes. We have plenty of undeveloped open space for them and have been tactfully planting for them to encourage breeding.

If you like butterflies then we would love for you to come and stay at Gurung Valley to see them for yourself. Check out some of the butterflies we have managed to snap pictures of already on our facebook album.



Find out more about Butterflies in Nepal;