Just a few kilometers down the road from us is Manakamana, the most famous ancient Hindu temple in the whole of Nepal. And it’s a great day trip. It is reached by a steep cable car which travels 2.8km which rises a dizzying height of 1000m!.

Unfortunately the temple, Durga Bhawani, was damaged by the 2015 earthquake, however reconstruction is underway and it is still worth a visit. The local markets are of great interest and if you have the time to trek around the local area, you will be rewarded with stunning views of the might Himalayan mountains.

The temple is still in use, and is extremely busy on Saturdays when locals flock to the area to sacrifice goats and chickens.

Come and stay with us and we can organise your transport and a guide to take you to this famous and holy temple. And at the end of the day, come back to Gurung Valley and enjoy a cold beer around the campfire.